Advances in Polar Upper

Atmosphere Research


No. 14




Simultaneous measurements of high-frequency pump-enhanced airglow and ionospheric temperatures at auroral latitudes                                                                                             

························· T. B. Leyser, B. Gustavsson, B. U. E. Brändström, Å. Steen,

                                                    F. Honary, M. T. Rietveld, T. Aso and M. Ejiri········· 1


Interhemispheric conjugacy of auroral poleward expansion observed by conjugate imaging riometers at  ~ 67‹ and 75‹ - 77‹ invariant latitude

··················· Hisao Yamagishi, Yuiti Fujita, Natsuo Sato, Masanori Nishino,

                                            Peter Stauning, Ruiyuan Liu and Th. Saemundsson······· 12


Simultaneous quasi-periodic optical and HF radar signatures observed in the postnoon sector                   

·················································· Yozo Murata, Natsuo Sato, Hisao Yamagishi,

                            Akira Sessai Yukimatu, Masayuki Kikuchi, Kazuo Makita,

                                                 Tadahiko Ogawa, Huigen Yang, Ruiyuan Liu

                                                                                      and A. David M. Walker······· 34


Simultaneous transients in the auroral zone and the equator as observed with SuperDARN and magnetometers: A correlation with equatorial counter electrojet (CEJ) event                

······································ Osuke Saka, Tai-ichi Kitamura, Hiroshi Tachihara,

                                             Manabu Shinohara, N. B. Trivedi, Natsuo Sato,

                                                                   J.M.Ruohoniemi and R.A.Greenwald······· 45


Generation region of polar cusp hiss observed by ISIS satellites

·································································································· Tadanori Ondoh······· 55


Characteristics of solar flare effect in the high-latitude ionosphere as observed by the SuperDARN radars

························································· Keisuke Hosokawa, Toshihiko Iyemori,

                                                              Akira Sessai Yukimatu and Natsuo Sato······· 66


Conjugate features of daytime absorption associated with specific changes in the solar wind observed by inter-hemispheric high-latitude imaging riometers                                         

········································ Masanori Nishino, Hisao Yamagishi, Natsuo Sato,

                         Ruiyuan Liu, Hongquiao Hu, Peter Stauning and Jan A. Holtet······· 76


Statistical study of Doppler velocity and echo power around 75‹ magnetic latitude using data obtained with the Syowa East HF radar in 1997                                                            

··························· Masaaki Fukumoto, Nozomu Nishitani, Tadahiko Ogawa,

                                 Natsuo Sato, Hisao Yamagishi and Akira Sessai Yukimatu······· 93


Auroral field-aligned currents by incoherent scatter plasma line observations in the E region

······································· Ingemar Häggström, Mikael Hedin, Takehiko Aso,

                                                      Asta Pellinen-Wannberg and Assar Westman····· 103


Current status of a super-pressure balloon research of new design concept

········································ Nobuyuki Yajima, Naoki Izutsu and Hideyuki Honda····· 122


Research Note


Meridional gradients of the neutral temperature in the dayside summer E-region

································································ Sawako Maeda and Satonori Nozawa····· 128


Penetration of the non-migrating atmospheric diurnal tide into polar latitudes      

······································································································ Takehiko Aso····· 138


The peculiar behavior of high-energy particles affected by an interplanetary shock wave

································································· Mitsue Den and Kazuyuki Yamashita····· 146


3-D extent of the main ionospheric trough - a case study

····················· Mikael Hedin,  Ingemar Häggström, Asta Pellinen-Wannberg,

                              Laila Andersson, Urvan Brändström, Björn Gustavsson,

                                         Åke Steen, Assar Westman, Gudmund Wannberg,

                                           Tony van Eyken, Takehiko Aso, Cynthia Cattell,

                                                              Charles W. Carlson and Dave Klumpar····· 157


Ballast saving balloons with a film of specific optical properties

···························· Yoshitaka Saito, Yukihiko Matsuzaka, Yasuaki Miyahara,

                                      Akira Ohnishi, Takamasa Yamagami, Rikio Yokota,

                                                               Tadashi Kobayashi and Jun Nishimura····· 163


Charging of the impedance-probe by the auroral energetic electrons

···································································································· Yuzo Watanabe····· 172




HF coherent scatter radar observations of ionospheric convection during magnetospheric substorms

········································································································· Mark Lester····· 179


Radar investigations of the mesosphere, stratosphere and the troposphere in Svalbard

···································································································· Jürgen Röttger····· 202


Quantification of neutral turbulence in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere using EISCAT and ESR

············································································································ C. M. Hall····· 221


Sources of gravity waves in the polar middle atmosphere

·········································································································· Kaoru Sato····· 233


Note to contributors··································································································· 241

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