Advances in Polar Upper

Atmosphere Research


No. 13




Quantitative ring current model: Overview and comparison with observations

·································································· Yusuke Ebihara and Masaki Ejiri········· 1


Statistical analysis of echo power, Doppler velocity and spectral width obtained with the Syowa South HF radar

·············· Masaaki Fukumoto, Nozomu Nishitani, Tadahiko Ogawa,

                                 Natsuo Sato, Hisao Yamagishi and Akira S.  Yukimatu· 37


EISCAT Svalbard radar-derived atmospheric tidal features in the lower thermosphere as compared with the numerical modelling ATM2

······················ Takehiko Aso, Anthony van Eyken and Phil J. S. Williams······· 48


Extremely periodic pulsating aurora observed near L=6: A new type pulsating aurora

················· Natsuo Sato, Takeshi Nagato and Thorsteinn Saemundsson······· 57


Dayside auroral dynamics observed by the AGO network in Antarctica

·························· Mitsuteru Sato, Hiroshi Fukunishi, Ryuho Kataoka,

                   Atsushi Shono, Louis J. Lanzerotti, Jack H. Doolittle,

········································ Steve B. Mende  and Mike Pinnock····························· 67

Camera calibration by an integrating sphere for the auroral tomography observation

··················· Akira Urashima, Takehiko Aso, Masaki Ejiri, Åke Steen,

                                                           U. BrÄndström and B. Gustavsson······· 79


Distortion of the outer boundary of the closed region in the Tsyganenko magnetic field model

·································· Takashi Yamamoto, Shoshi Inoue, Masao Ozaki

                                                                                     and Nozomu Nishitani······· 89


Latitudinal structure of the nightside region 1 field-aligned current observed from the EXOS-D satellite

································ Takashi Yamamoto, Shoshi Inoue and Masao Ozaki····· 105


Algorithm for choosing the place for the global Schumann resonance observatory

············································· A. P. Nickolaenko and Masashi Hayakawa····· 119


Real-time monitor of geomagnetic field in the near-pole regions as an index of magnetospheric electric field

············· Tsutomu Nagatsuma, Takahiro Obara, Hiromitsu Ishibashi,

                                                          Kanji Hayashi and Donald J. McEwen····· 132


A rectified response of daytime radio wave absorption to southward and northward excursions during northward interplanetary magnetic field: A case study

···························· Masanori Nishino, Nozomu Nishitani, Natsuo Sato,

                                   Hisao Yamagishi, Mark Lester and Jan A. Holtet····· 139


Detection of the onset time of Pi 2 pulsations by using wavelet analysis

·················· Kayoko Tsunezawa, Yutaka Tonegawa and Tohru Sakura····· 154


Midsummer decrease in vertical geomagnetic field at the magnetic pole under strong solar radiation into the polar ionosphere
··········································································· Naoshi Fukushima····· 162


Improved scientific ballooning applied to the cryo-sampling experiment at Syowa Station

············· Nobuyuki Yajima, Hideyuki Honda, Shuhji Aoki, Gen Hashida,

                       Shinji Morimoto, Toshinobu Machida and Shoichi Okano····· 167


Measurement of high-energy cosmic-ray electrons with a Polar Patrol Balloon

································ Shoji Torii, Takamasa Yamagami, Toshinori Yuda

                                                                                   and Katsuaki Kasahara····· 176


Automatic ballast control referring to the inner pressure at the nadir of the balloon

····················· Yoshitaka Saito, Takamasa Yamagami and Jun Nishimura····· 182


Development of GMS data aquisition and database systems

···································· Mitsue Den, Takahiro Obara and Fumihiko Tomita····· 191


Author index··············································································································· 197

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