イスコアコンソーシアム(略称:ICC)は、国立極地研究所アイスコア研究委員会の中に設置された共同研究組織です。ICC は南極氷床ドームふじ深層掘削計画で掘削されたアイスコアの解析と研究の実施、 研究の連携と推進をはかる目的で設置されています。




 3rd IPICS Open Science Conference 終了しました。
Ice Core Science at the three Poles
October 2022 in Crans-Montana, Switzerland

JGR Earth Surface 誌の表紙ページにドームふじ深層コアが掲載されました。
Ohno, H. et al.,  Physicochemical properties of bottom ice from Dome Fuji, inland East Antarctica, Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface, doi:10.1002/2015jf003777, 2016.



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About ICC

Outline of the organization / Purpose of installation and activities

      This consortium calls Ice Core Consortium (abbreviated name: ICC). ICC is installed into the National Institute of Polar Research (henceforth “NIPR”) Ice Core Research Committee. ICC is a joint research organization for doing the analysis and research of the deep and shallow ice cores (henceforth "ice cores") drilled in a framework of the Dome Fuji deep ice coring project. It is installed in order to aim at organic cooperation and effective promotion of research. ICC performs the following activities, in order to attain the purpose of it.

1)  Management of the ice core, planning of research and implementation of analysis, committed from the NIPR Ice Core Research Committee
2)  Promotion of mutual use of analysis information, and joint research
3)  Holding of research meetings
4)  Encouragement of dispatch of a research result toward both domestic and international research communities
5)  Other activities required in order to attain the purpose of ICC.

ICC is constituted with the following members. However, students and graduate students are not included in ICC members.
1) The researchers concerned with project promotion and ice core analysis in the first term and the second term of the Dome Fuji deep ice coring project.
2) The collaborators of the above-mentioned researchers (Collaboration with overseas researchers is independently determined.).
3) The researchers who consent to the meaning of ICC and can contribute to development of core research.

Those who wish admission to ICC have to submit an application form for admission (E-mail) to the secretariat, and have to get the approval of the steering committee.

  ICC regulations (As for English translation, contact to the ICC Secretariat.)
  Agreement about ice core use and data use, and result public presentation (As for English translation, contact to the ICC Secretariat.)

  ICC Steering Committee and supervisors
  Link to Dome Fuji Deep Coring Project

Figure: Schematic image for organization for research activity of  the Dome Fuji deep ice cores






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