- Large-span Broadband Seismic Array Deployment around the Lützow-Holm Bay - Dome-F region, East Antarctica

Field observations by broadband seismometers have been carried out from 1996 at several outcrops around the Lützow-Holm Bay region, East Antarctica. Recording system was composed of a portable broadband seismometer, a digital recording unit and a solar power supply.  Expect for power supply failure in dark winter seasons, the observations have been conducted and significant number of teleseismic events were recorded.  These data are utilized for seismological analyses to clarify heterogeneous structure of the Earth, particularly around the Antarctic polar region.  Obtained data have advantages not only to the crust - upper mantle studies but also to deep Earth's interior such as the CMB and D" zones, by applying as a large span array stations in southern high latitude.  These observations can give efficient cooperatives to the Global Alliance of Regional Networks (GARNET) proposed by the National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention (NIED).

During the IPY 2007-2008, field broadband seismic deployments were conducted as one of the endorsing projects by JARE.  The obtained data can provide detail information on structure and dynamics of crust - mantle – deep interior of the Earth viewed from the Lützow-Holm Bay – Mizuho Plateau – Dome-F region.  According as the other big international program of the AGAP/GAMSEIS (IPY #147), moreover, the broadband seismic deployment will give constraints on the origin of the Gamburtsev Mountains with more broad structure and evolution of the East Antarctic craton and their subglacial environment.  Detection of seismic signals from phenomenon at the base of the ice sheet, such as outburst floods from subglacial lakes could be expected from detailed analyses.  The broadband deployment in East Antarctica during IPY was a unique opportunity for implementing the Federation of Digital Seismographic Network (FDSN) in southern high latitude, in addition to IPY endorsed project of the POLer Earth observing NETwork POLENET (IPY #185). 


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