Color Digital Camera (CDC) observation at Syowa Station

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To observe all-sky full color auroral image at Syowa Station, Antarctica

Site information

Name:Syowa Station; Geographic(latitude:-69.00, longitude:39.58)


Camera:Sony α6300; Lens:Meike Fisheye 6.5mm/F2.0; Exposure:2 sec, Interval:10 sec; Image resolution:(original)6000x4000,(QL)480x480


Observaton by the new system started in March, 2021.

Data usage policy

If users want to use quick-look (QL) images in this site for any publications and/or presentations, please contact the Principal Investigator of the auroral observation (uapdata [at] at National Institute of Polar Research (NIPR). We welcome collaborative research and strongly recommend users to contact us early in order to ensure that the data are suitable for their research. When the QL images are used for any publications and/or presentations, we would like to ask the users to acknowledge NIPR and send us digital files of the publications and/or presentations.

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