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  Aerosols and clouds in the atmosphere directly and indirectly affect the climate formation of the Earth through their radiation effects. Observations of the aerosols and clouds have been carried out at Syowa Station for a long time as polar observation points of a global observation network. Specific observation items include ground-based observations that measure the particle size distribution, chemical composition, and black carbon concentration of aerosol with a particle counter, and the optics and physics of clouds and aerosols with a sky radiometer, micropulse lidar (MPL), and all-sky camera.
This research observation is supported by the Japan Antarctic Research Expedition (JARE). Observed data is automatically distributed to domestic and overseas research organizations and distributed at the request of each researcher. From this homepage, you can go to the site where our research team distributes data. There are no restrictions on the use of data on research, education, etc. Data usage is critical to the continuation of our project, so we encourage all data users to contact us at the address below.
1-CPC)Optical particle counter 1997 to 2022
1-OPC)Optical particle counter 1997 to 2022
2)Sunlight absorbing particles 2001 to 2022
3)Sky radioneter (POM) 2001 to 2022
4-1)MPL : Quick lock (go to ADS) 2006 to 2020
4-2)MPL : Data sets analyzed (see readme.txt) 2006 to 2020
4-3)PMPL : Data sets analyzed (see readme.txt) 2016 to 2022
5-1)All sky camera : Data DL 2006 to 2022
5-2)All sky camera : Quick look 2006 to 2022
6)Ship-borne ceilometer 2010 to 2020
7)7Be concentration in surface air 2014 to 2017
8)Ship-borne Polarization OPC 2014 to 2024
9)Polarization OPC 2019 to 2022
Other activities
 ・Investigation of aerosols and clouds with Antarctic ice-breaker SHIRASE
 ・Investigation of spatiotemporal variation of heat, moisture and aerosols
   in troposphere-stratosphere by using UAV
 ・Investigation of transportation of heat, moisture and aerosols over/to
   the Antarctic ice sheet with numerical modeling and groud truth observation 
Links - Investigaters and Organizations -
 Naohiko Hirasawa NIPR
 Masahiko Hayashi Fukuoka Univ.
 Kei-ichiro Hara Fukuoka Univ.
 Hiroshi Kobayashi Univ. Yamanashi
 Masanori Yabuki Kyoto Univ.
 Makoto Kuji Nara Wonem's Univ.
 Masahiro Hori Univ. of Toyama
 Polar and cold region reseach group, Japan Meteorol. Soc. (in Japanese) Steering committee
 Japan Aerosol Soc. members
 Research group of Polar region, The Japanese Soc.Snow and Ice (in Japanese) members
 JARE National Antarctic program