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South America Riometer Network (SARINET) is intended to study ionosphere behavior due to the precipitating radiation belt particles in the South Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly (SAMA). SAMA is characterized as an area in which the geomagnetic field has its lowest intensity and is located at the Southern part of South America.

In order to study the ionosphere phenomena in the SAMA, imaging riometer(also single beam riometer) was installed at Southern Space Observatory (SSO) in Sao Martinho da Serra(29.7S, 53.2W), RS. Brazil. The SSO is located near the center of SAMA region, where the intensity of geomagnetic field falls to 22000nT. The second and third imaging riometer(also single beam riometer) were installed at Chile. One is Punta Arenas (53.1S, 70.9W) and other in Concepcion(36.8S, 73.0W). The forth imaging riometer (also single beam riometer) was installed at Kakioka geomagnetic observatory (36.2N,140.2E) in Japan. We are planning to install the fifth imaging riometer at Trelew geomagnetic observatory (43.3S, 65.4W), Argentina in 2009.

Since the intensity of geomagnetic field is rapidly decreasing now, especially in South America, Antarctica and South Atlantic Ocean area, so the size of SAMA will be expanded and the quantity of precipitating particles must be increased in these regions year by year. The main objective of our research is to predict the future earth environment under the extreme weak geomagnetic field condition.

Professor Dr. Kazuo Makita

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