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Dr. Ryuho Kataoka, Associate Professor, National Institute of Polar Research (Photo: 2013/07)

Ryuho Kataoka is challenging a high-speed imaging of aurora (breakup; flickering; pulsating) to visualize fundamental nonlinear processes in space plasma. Another challenge of all-sky stereoscopy became popular via YAHOO! News. Major research interests include the space weather forecast (interplanetary shocks; magnetic storms; radiation belts; geomagnetically induced currents; solar energetic particles; coronal mass ejections), extreme space weather (low Mach magnetosheath; magnetopause rarefaction; outer belt disappearence), and space climate (Carrington storm; Maunder Minimum). Nebula Winter hypothesis was proposed to explain the catastrophes (Snowball Earth; Mass Extinctions) as possible consequences of the worst space environment in our galaxy.

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3D aurora show in Tokyo (The Yomiuri Shimbun, 2013/12/21)