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  • In 2001, we re-started the Deep Ice Coring Project under the 6th JARE (Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition) Five-Year Plan. The aim of the project is reconstruction of the climate change and the mechanism of it in Quaternary Era.

    Drilling Report No.1-9   

    Drilling report up

    Drilling of 05/06 Season Start   

    The drilling operation at Dome Fuji Station in 2005/06 starts in November 23th. Dome Fuji Team (7 persons of JARE47th, and 7 persons of JARE46th) obtained the first ice core of this season from 1850.35-m depth. The drilling is operated on 24-hour schedules.

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    04/05 Season Finish  2005/1/27

    The drilling operation in this season was terminated in 22-Jan. with reaching to 1850.35m depth. The drilling operation was carried out three shift around crock for 24 hours. The average length of ice core obtained for a week was 230m. The analysis of ice cores was also done very well, processing 30m a day.
    The summer team of JARE46 (Motoyama and 4 persons) departed from Dome Fuji at 1400 UTC (2300 JST) in 24-Jan. by an aeroplayne, DC3 Bustler Turbo, and arrived at Novorazarevskaya Station at 1722 UTC (0222 JST in 25-Jan.). The winter team of JARE 45 (Tanaka and 8 persons) and of JARE 46 (2 persons) left Dome Fuji at 1115 LT (1715 JST) in 26-Jan. for S16 point.


    Drilling of 04/05 Season Finish   2005/1/24

    The flight team for Dome Fuji of 7 persons at JARE-46 departed in 18-Nov., and arrived at Dome Fuji Base in 1-Dec. They started drilling in 11-Dec. in cooperation with JARE-45 wintering team, and obtained final ice core for 04/05 season in 22-Jan.
    In this season, they drilled from 362.31m depth to 1850.35m. The number of drilling runs was 406 for 42 days. The length of ice core obtained for this season was 1488.01m. The average length of ice core obtained by 1 run was 3.67m. The drilling operation was done well during this season. It is estimated that the ice core at 1850m depth is 140,000 years old, corresponding to 2nd previous glacial period. The analysis of ice cores was also done very well.
    We can finished our operation in 04/05 season successfully with great cooperations of 9 persons of JARE-45 for not only logistics but also drilling and analysis of ice cores.
    The summer team of JARE 46 (5 persons) will move directly to Novo station from Dome Fuji by an aeroplane, and the winter team of JARE46 (2 persons) and JARE45 will move to S16 point by snow trucks.

    Dome Fuji, JARE46
    Hideaki Motoyama

    1500m Depth!!

    In 12-Jan., the drill reached at 1500m depth. 100m more to go, we can reached the fomer warm period "Sangamon". All Air bubbles included an ice sheet transformed to clathrate hydrates in this depth. The ice cores are clear, hard, and beautiful.

    JARE 46 Dome Fuji: Hideaki Motoyama

    1000m Depth!!

    In 11-Dec., we started the 2nd season of 2nd deep ice drilling at Dome Fuji. In 29-Dec., the drill reached at 1000m depth. The age of ice at 1000m depth is estimated to be 58,000 years old, corresponding to the medium term of the last glacial period.

    JARE 46 Dome Fuji: Hideaki Motoyama