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Directions from Narita to NYC...

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Narita Int'l Airport There are two terminals in Narita Airport, Terminal 1 and 2. Terminal 2 is nearer to Tokyo. Terminal 1 is mostly used for American and European airlines, and Terminal 2 for Asian and Oceanian airlines. There are exceptions, however, and please confirm your airline company which terminal you will arrive at. There is free bus service between Terminal 1 and 2(at 10-min intervals). These terminals are also connected by railways (3 min) and limousine buses (5 min). From Narita Airport to Shinjuku Area Limousine bus There are limousine bus services from the airport to Shinjuku area. The bus starts at terminal 2, stops over at terminal 1, and then arrives at the west gate of Shinjuku Station after ~110 minute drive in daytime, and ~90 minute in nighttime. The bus goes further to three different hotel groups, and this takes another 10~20 min. If you want to go to Shinjuku Washington Hotel, it is necessary to confirm that the bus goes to that hotel before you get on. The bus to Washington Hotel departs from the airport at 30~60 minute interval from 0720 to 2150. If you stay at NYC, you can get on any bus going to Shinjuku Station. These buses start at 10~25 minute interval from 06:50 to 22:35. The cost is 3,000 yen. Railway There are two railway lines connecting Narita Airport and Tokyo area. One is Japan Railway ("JR", former national railway) and the other is Keisei Railway Co.(private campany). "JR" provides direct connection from Narita Airport to Shinjuku Station. This train is called as "Narita Express" or "N'EX", and it starts every one hour from 07:43 to 21:42 at Narita airport. It takes about 90 minutes from the airport terminal station to JR Shinjuku Station, and costs 3,110 yen. Time table of Narita Express(N'EX) is here and here... (Note: Destinations of N'EXs are Tokyo, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Yokohama etc. Please confirm you'll get on one bound for Shinjuku....) From Shinjuku area (to NYC) From Washington Hotel (to NYC) Direct distance from the Shinjuku Washington hotel to NYC is 1 km, and it will cost 700 yen by taxi. It must be noted that the main gate of NYC is closed now because of construction work and only the north gate is available during the SuperDARN Workshop. As taxi drivers sometimes don't understand English, it may be useful to prepare for a piece of paper on which your destination, north gate of the National Olympic Memorial Youth Center, is written in Japanese. You can also walk to south or west gate of Shinjuku Station (700 m) and get on Odakyuu line. In this case, see the information below. From Shinjuku Station to NYC (Check to see our Guide Map, too) If you use Narita Express (bound for Shinjuku), you will arrive at track 3, or 4 at JR Shinjuku Station. You walk in the direction of track 14, go through south, or west gate of JR Shinjuku Station, and enter Odakyuu line Shinjuku Station. You have to buy a new ticket of Odakyuu line (140 yen). In Odakyuu Shinjuku Station, express trains depart from the upper floor, and local ones from the lower floor. You must get on a local train and get off at Sanguu-bashi Station, the second stop from Shinjuku Station (3 min). When you get off at Sanguu-bashi Station, you walk over the railway by a bridge, and turn to the right out of the station ticket gate. You will go up along a slope and will soon encounter a big road. Walk across this big road at the light and there you will cross another road at the next light which is just at the right hand side of the first light. and follow a smaller road leading to the forest of Meiji Shrine. You will soon reach the north gate of NYC, which is just the opposite to the entrance of Meiji Shrine. It takes 5 minute from Sanguu-bashi Station to the north gate of NYC. If you use limousine bus from Narita airport, you will arrive at West gate of Shinjuku Station. Odakyuu line Shinjuku Station is very close to the bus stop. Follow the above instruction to get to NYC. Inside of NYC. (Check to see our Guide Map, and another NYCinside Map, too!!) (NYC HomePage, Map there, another Map there available now.) The ground of NYC consists of higher level and lower level part. The north gate is the entrance for the higher level part, and the main gate for the lower level part. The main gate is closed now due to construction work. We use the north gate during the Super DARN Workshop. In the higher level part, there are 4 lodging buildings, A to D, ("Syukuhaku Tou" in Japanese...) and International Exchange (IE) building. ("Kokusai Kouryu Tou" in Japanese...) For SuperDARN attendants, we have made a block reservation of rooms in lodging building D, and reserved a meeting room on the second floor of IE building. The registration desk is also prepared on the second floor of the IE building. The IE building is located at the opposite side of the north gate, the far end of the higher level part. Related Useful/Useless links... Tokyo Metroplitan Map for SD98! Narita Int'l Airport official HomePage Which terminal will you arrive at? Narita Airport Terminal(1 & 2)Map Narita Airport free bus service between Terminal 1 and 2 Another Map JR N'EX(Narita Express) Web Page Time table of JR Narita Express(N'EX) from Narita Time table of JR Narita Express(N'EX) To Narita Another Time table of JR Narita Express(N'EX) from Narita (much smaller size!) Another Time table of JR Narita Express(N'EX) To Narita (much smaller size!) 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