Fourth Announcement of 1998 SuperDARN Workshop 7-10 July 1998, Tokyo, Japan

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---- 1998 SuperDARN Workshop 7-10 July 1998, Tokyo, Japan Fourth Announcement on May 8,1998 ----- *** Ask for Abstract Submission *** Convenor Natsuo Sato National Institute of Polar Research (NIPR) E-mail: or Local Organization Committee Hisao Yamagishi, NIPR A. Sessai Yukimatu, NIPR Atsuko Kitsugi, NIPR Tadahiiko Ogawa, STEL Nozomu Nishitani, STEL E-mail address dedicated to this Workshop World Wide Web page for information on this Workshop The SuperDARN Workshop will be held in Tokyo, Japan from July 7 to 10, 1998. The Workshop will take place at the National Olympics Memorial Youth Center (NYC);-P. The NYC is located near Shinjuku Station, one of the largest in downtown Tokyo, but the Meiji-Jingu Shrine and Yoyogi Park are adjacent to the NYC. It is located in a quiet atmosphere. Please read through the attached information, and return the form of "Abstract Submission of your presentation" by 31 May, 1998!!!! 1. Deadline 1) Title of the presentation: 30 April 1998 !! (if you've not submit it yet, send it to us as soon as possible!!! after reading the Third Annoucement) 2) Abstract: 31 May 1998 !!!! 3) Final Registration Form: It will be announced soon. 2. Information of accommodations and registration fee etc. (if you need in more detail, see the Second Announcement). 2-1. Accommodation 1) Only single rooms with bath are available in NYC. 2) Check-in is possible from 6 July (Mon.) in the afternoon, and you should check-out by 12 July (Sun) in the morning at the latest! 3) The accommodation fee is about 5,000 Yen/night without meals. 4) If participants request alternative accommodation outside of NYC, we can make hotel reservations. 2-2. Registration fee We now estimate the fee to be (details will be shown on the Final Registration Form): 1) Example-1: 50,000~60,000 Yen * 4 nights stay at NYC single room with 4 breakfast, 4 lunch, 2 receptions and a short excursion. 2) Example-2: 25,000~30,000 Yen * 4 days lunch, 2 receptions and a short excursion, excluding your own hotel fee. 2-3. Receptions and a short excursion We are planning to have 2 kinds of receptions * Invited dinner by the Director of NIPR to be held at NYC on 7 July. * DARN special dinner to be held on 9 July at a Japanese restaurant located in the outskirts of Tokyo.
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FORM for "ABSTRACT SUBMISSION" SuperDARN Workshop 7-10 July 1998 National Olympics Memorial Youth Center TOKYO, JAPAN

Please return this form to : Fax: +81-3-3962-5704 or E-mail: 1) Deadline: 31 May 1998 !!! 2) Please complete one form per each presentation 3) We ask you to submit abstract for all presentation including "Radar status report" and "Radar science report" 4) Please read the attached information before completing this form ***** Abstract Submission ****** 1. Title of Presentation: _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ 2. Author's Name(Affiliation) (make the mark # on the speaker): 1) ___________________________________________ 2) ___________________________________________ 3) ___________________________________________ 4) ___________________________________________ 3. Abstract(less than 500 word): __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ 4. Appropriate Session (Choose one (or more if necessary) from the followings) ___ Session-1: Radar status reports ___ Session-2: Radar science reports ___ Session-3: SuperDARN hardware and software ___ Session-4: SuperDARN special time reports ___ Session-5: Large-scale convection ___ Session-6: Dayside phenomena ___ Session-7: Boundary mapping ___ Session-8: MHD waves ___ Session-9: Substorms ___ Session-10: Small-scale structure ___ Session-11: Gravity waves ___ Session-12: Others ( ) -- END of FORM --

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