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Syowa Station, Antarctica and Iceland are in the geomagnetic conjugate relationship, where both stations are connected with a same geomagnetic field line between southern and northern hemispheres. Auroral particles precipitate from the magnetosphere to the polar ionosphere simultaneously in both polar regions along the field line through wave-particle interaction process with electromagnetic waves. The electromagnetic waves in the ULF and VLF frequency range also propagate from the magnetosphere to the ionosphere along the field line. Precipitated particles cause the appearance of optical aurora and ionization of polar atmosphere, i.e. enhancement of electron density and conductivity in the ionosphere, which causes enhancement of ionospheric current.
We have been carrying out the ground-based conjugate observations between Syowa and Iceland since 1983 in collaboration with University of Iceland and Icelandic collaborators by using various optical instruments, magnetometer, induction magnetometer, VLF receiver, and riometer to study the conjugacy and non-conjugacy of the auroral phenomena, and magnetosphere - ionosphere interaction process.
Global Conjugate Map in Geomagnetic Coordinates 
The Syowa - Iceland pair is very unique conjugate observation pair located in the auroral zone in the world as shown in the global conjugate map in the invariant latitude - geomagnetic longitude coordinates below, which is calculated at the epoch time of 00:00 UT on January 01, 2023 by using IGRF2020 model.
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About the Conjugate Auroral Observation (by Prof. Natsuo Sato, in Japanese)
Example of conjugate aurora events
20030926 / 20110930
(Watec B&W imager) Real-time conjugate aurora at Syowa-Iceland Stations
(Watec B&W imager) Conjugate All-sky TV data at Syowa-Iceland Stations
(High-speed Auroral Imager) ( keogram (SYO/ TJO) / archive )
(MAG,ULF,CNA) QL plot of new Data Logger at Iceland (since 5 Sep.,2016)
(HK,CNA,ULF,VLF) QL plot at Syowa Station (West Ongul) (since 16 Jan.,2016)
(MAG,ULF,CNA,VLF) Data archives at Syowa-Iceland Stations
(MAG,ULF,CNA,VLF) Summary plot at Syowa-Iceland Stations
(ULF) Dynamic spectrum at Syowa-Iceland Stations
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