Specification of the NIPR type Low Power Magnetometer
Magnetometer Bartington MAG-03MC, 3-axis fluxgate magnetometer
noise: 6pT/sqrt(Hz) (1Hz), ±0.1nT/C
range Fine: ±1,600 nT, Coarse: ±62,900 nT
resolution 0.2 nT
sampling 1-15 sec (changeable by command), nominal 1 sec
system ON time 100 ms at each sampling
Data logger 16bit A/D; 15 Hz LPF; Compact Flash memory card (2 GB)
Solar Panel KYOCERA KC40J, 40 W max, 2.34 A, 16.9 V
Battery 4 set of SUNLYTE 12-5000X, 12 V, 100 Ah,
Power consumption 0.16 W for 1 sec sampling without Iridium transmission
Other instruments temperature probe, GPS receiver, Iridium satellite phone
Ambient temperature -40 C min for operation
Data recovery By Iridium satellite phone system, once per day
Command sending Possible with Iridium satellite phone system