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Technological Development
Innovative Research
arrow Antarctic Syowa MST/IS Radar (PANSY) Program
Study of the aurora phenomenon in the northern and southern polar regions
 Positioned directly beneath the auroral zone, Syowa Station is ideally located for observing auroras. The "Syowa South" and "Syowa East" HF radars at Syowa Station are important elements in the SuperDARN (Super Dual Auroral Radar Network). These radars are used for observing the ionosphere over the South Pole and Chinese Zhongshan Station, respectively. We have installed aurora observation instruments at these stations in order to compare with the radar observation. We have been studying the symmetry and asymmetry of auroras in the northern and southern polar regions using the data from Syowa Station and its geomagnetic conjugate-pair stations in Iceland. Our advanced studies of auroras include micro-structure observation, monochromatic imaging at multiple emission lines, and 3D reconstruction of auroral forms from multiple observation points using tomography. When combined with these observational results, computer simulation becomes a powerful tool for investigating the physical processes of auroras.

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Automated Magnetometer Network Observation
 In order to measure the current system in the polar ionosphere, unmanned magnetometer networks are being extended into the interior of the Antarctic continent through international collaborations. We are developing automated magnetometers that work with less than 1 watt of power, operate in temperatures below -40C, and transfer the data to Japan via polar orbiting satellites.

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