In the 'Structure and Evolution of the East Antarctic Lithosphere (SEAL) Project' , we are planning to carry out goescientific field work in Western Enderby Land including the Amundsen and Casey Bay regions, and intra-continental nunataks during the period from 1996. The geoscientific themes are as follows:

  • Formation of ancient crust and its composition.
  • Structure and compositions of lower continental crust.
  • Origin of ultra-high temperature metamorphism.
  • Tectonics and geochronology of the Napier and Rayner Complexes.
  • Paleomagnetic intensity and paleolatitude of East Antarctica in Precambrian.
  • Formation and evolution of continental ice sheet.

Actual field operations are summarized as follows:

  • Geological field survey and sampling of rock specimens.
  • Geomorphological field survey and sampling of sediments.
  • Sampling of rock specimens for paleomagnetic studies.
  • Gravity and geomagnetic measurements.
  • Seismic experiment and accompanied geodetic observation and drilling.

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