Registration :

Registration Desk :
Registration desk will open at the following date & time. On-site registration can be acceptable for each day. There is no registration fee requied.

- Monday 4 December 2017 17:00-20:00 at "Southern Cross", where in front of Polar Science Museum.

- Tuesday 5 December 2017 09:00-18:00 in front of Lecture Room @ NIPR 4F  

- Wednesday 6 December 2017 09:00-17:00 in front of Multi-Purpose Room @ NINJAL 2F

- Thursday 7 December 2017 09:00-12:00 in front of Multi-Purpose Room @ NINJAL 2F


Pre-Conference Registration :
Those who are intending to attend the workshop prior to the conference date,  please send the following information to the email address of Organizing Comittee.

Family Name; (Middle Name); First(Given) Name; Affiliation 1 (Institution, University, Company, etc.); Affiliation 2 (Department, Section, Position, etc.); Country; Email address

The Organizing Committee add to the participant list & prepare name badges before the conference.

Organizing Committee of the Workshop; (at)


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