For Presenters :

The workshop basically oriented to be composed by oral sessions during whole three days.

However, if presenters are intened to prepare their Posters, it is also welcome. Two cases are considerable for 1) only Poster presentaiton, and 2) in addition to Oral Presentation.


Oral Presentation :

General presenters are allocated for 20 min. including questions and discussion time.

Keynote speackers are allocated for 30 min. including qustions and discussion time.


Poster Presentation :

Please prepare a poster with the maximum size of A0 x 2, 841 mm (width) x 1189 mm (height) x 2, although the posting board has a size of 1200 mm (width) x 1800 mm (hight).

All posters can be posted during two datys on 6-7 December 2017, in front of the Multi-Purpose Meeting Room (2F, NINJAL)


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