Abstract Submission :

Abstract submission deadline: 15 October 2017


Both the Oral and Poster presenters are required to prepare their "Extended Abstracts".

An "Programme and Extended Abstract Book" is planed to be published online on November 2017 & The Booklet will be served to all participants of the workshop.

The following doc.file is a set of guidelines for preparing an Extended Abstract submission for the "International Workshop on Sharing, Citation and Publication of Scientific Data across Disciplines". Guidance is given on layout, text formatting, figures/tables, and references such that each submission is clear and has a high level of conformity. The template is presented exactly as your extended abstract should appear, and it is highly advised to use it to prepare your submission in Word format. It is notied that the manuscript should not exceed two pages in length, and should fit within the margins given in this template.

Abstract Format: Guidelines for Extended Abstracts - data.ws.2017.doc (you can download from here !)

The manuscript files of "Extended Abstracts" should be submitted to [ data.ws.oc-2017 (at) nipr.ac.jp ] before the deadline on 15 October 2017; followed to be ckecked by one of the Organizing Committee member before including into the "Programm and Extended Abstract Book".


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