(Ziphius cavirostris)
BODY MASS: 2000-3000 kg DEEPEST DIVE: 1888 m (REF 4)
BODY LENGTH: 700 cm LONGEST DIVE: 5286 s (REF 3)

HAWAII (19-20°N - 156°W) TOP
2002-03: Dive duration: avg= 31.5 ± 21.9 min, max= 5220 s (N= 1 whale)
2002-03: (VHF telemetry and observation of a tagged whale from a boat)
2002-05: Dive depth: max= 1450 m (N= 2 whales)
2002-05: Dive duration: max= 4122 s (N= 2 whales)
2002-05: (Mk8&9, Wildlife Computers, 250 & 450g, sampling= 1s, Res. 1m)
2002-05: (+ VHF transmitter, on a suction cup)
GULF OF CALIFORNIA (28-23°N - 108-113°W) TOP
1995: Dive duration: avg= 32.4 ± 15.4min, max= 5286s (N=38 dives)
1995: (Observation from a boat with binoculars by up to 4 observers)
LIGURIAN SEA (43°17'N - 7°30'E) TOP
2003-04: Dive depth: avg-max= 1066.5 ± 207.2m, max= 1888m (N=7 whales)
2003-04: Dive duration: avg-max= 59.8 ± 12.4min, max= 5094s (N=7 whales)
2003-04: (sound+orientation recording tag DTAG, 200x100x30mm)

REF 1 Baird RW, McSweeney DJ, Ligon AD, Webster DL (2004) Tagging feasability and diving of Cuvier's beaked whales (Ziphius cavirostris) and Blainville's beaked whales (Mesoplodon densirostris) in Hawaii. National Marine Fisheries Service Report, AB133F-03-SE-0986, La Jolla, 16 p.
REF 2 Baird RW, Webster DL, McSweeney DJ, Ligon AD, Schorr GS, Barlow J (2006) Diving behaviour of Cuvier's (Ziphius cavirostris) and Blainville's (Mesoplodon densirostris) beaked whales in Hawai'i. Canadian Journal of Zoology 84: 1120-1128
REF 3 Barlow J, Forney K, Saunder AV, Urban-Ramirez J (1997) A Report of Cetacean Acoustic Detection and Dive Interval Studies (CADDIS) Conducted in the Southern Gulf of California, 1995 (McArthur Cruise Number: AR-95-08? SWFSC Cruise Number: 1601). Report U.S. Department of Commerce, NOAA-TM-NMSF-SWFC-250, La Jolla, California
REF 4 Tyack PL, Johnson M, Soto NA, Sturlese A, Madsen PT (2006) Extreme diving of beaked whales. Journal of Experimental Biology 209: 4238-4253

1Females: 1000 kg / 460 cm