10 May 2004
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Mem. Natl Inst. Polar Res., Spec. Issue, 58, 2004
IL Boyd, A Kato, Y Ropert-Coudert Bio-logging science: sensing beyond the boundaries PDF
GL Kooyman Genesis and evolution of bio-logging devices: 1963-2002 PDF
Y Ropert-Coudert, RP Wilson Subjectivity in bio-logging science: do logged data mislead? PDF
RP Wilson Reconstructing the past using futuristic developments: trends and perspectives in logger technology for penguins PDF
Y Naito New steps in bio-logging science PDF
P Hawkins Bio-logging and animal welfare: practical refinements PDF
T Kitagawa, S Kimura, H Nakata, H Yamada Overwiew of the research on tuna thermo-physiology using electric tags PDF
H Ueda Recent biotelemetry research on lacustrine salmon homing migration PDF
BJ Le Boeuf Hunting and migratory movements of white sharks in the eastern North Pacific PDF
JP Pierre, H Higuchi Satellite tracking in avian conservation: applications and results from Asia PDF
S Benvenuti, L Dall'Antonia Foraging strategies of breeding seabirds studied by bird-borne data loggers PDF
PN Trathan, JP Croxall Marine predators at South Georgia: an overview of recent bio-logging studies PDF
M Fedak Marine animals as platforms for oceanographic sampling: a 'win/win' situation for biology and operational oceanography PDF
RW Davis, W Hagey, M Horning Monitoring the behavior and multi-dimensional movements of Weddell seals using an animal-borne video and data recorder PDF
PJ Ponganis, RP van Dam, T Knower, DH Levenson, KV Ponganis Deep dives and aortic temperature of emperor penguins: new directions for bio-logging at the isolated dive hole PDF
H Shimazaki, M Tamura, H HIguchi Migration routes and important stopover sites of endangered oriental white storks (Ciconia boyciana), as revealed by satellite tracking PDF
M Healy, A Chiaradia, R Kirkwood, P Dann Balance: a neglected factor when attaching external devices to penguins PDF
GL Kooyman, PJ Ponganis The icing of external recorders during the polar winter PDF
E Baubet, S Brandt, J Vassant, JP Gendner, F Klein Can wild boar be surveyed using GPS? PDF
H Muramoto, M Ogawa, M Suzuki, Y Naito Little Leonardo digital data logger: its past, present and future role in bio-logging science PDF
G Peters Measurements of digestive variables in free-living animals: gastric motility in penguins during foraging PDF
PA Ekstrom An advance in geolocation by light PDF
V Afanasyev A miniature daylight level and activity data recorder for tracking animals over long periods PDF
A Fukuda, K Miwa, E Hirano, M Suzuki, H Higuchi, E Morishita, DJ Anderson, S Waugh, RA Phillips BGDL-II - A GPS data logger for birds PDF

Editor in Chief: Y Naito
Managing editors: A Kato, Y Ropert-Coudert
Editorial board: T Akamatsu, PJ Butler, H Higuchi, M Imafuku, BJ Le Boeuf, W Sakamoto, K Sato, D Welch, RP Wilson
Secretariat: K Kobayashi