@Polar Bioscience 17: 117-122.

Population changes of Adelie and emperor penguins along the Prince Olav Coast and on the Riiser-Larsen Peninsula

Kato A, K Watanabe, Y Naito. 2004

The trends of penguin populations are thought to be reliable indicators of ecosystem changes in the Southern Ocean. There are seven Ade Llie penguin colonies and one emperor penguin colonyalong the Prince Olav Coast and one emperor penguin colonyon the Riiser-Larsen Peninsula. We compiled and analyzed the available data collected byairborne and ground census between 1971 and 2000 in order to determine the breeding status of penguins in this area. Ade Llie penguin populations increased at two colonies; no apparent trends were observed at other colonies. Emperor penguin populations were high in the mid-1990s and suddenlydecreased in 2000. Populations need to be carefullymonitored in the coming years.

NIPR Marine Biology Group