1. Introduction

The World Data Center (WDC) for Aurora was established in 1981 in the National Institute of  Polar Research, following a recommendation from the WDC panel of  ICSU (International Council of Scientific Unions). The WDC for Aurora changed its name as "Data Center for Aurora in NIPR" in 2008 due to the disappearance of the WDC panel in ICSU. After 2017, the task of the Data Center for Aurora in NIPR was moved into the Polar Environment Data Science Center (PEDSC) in the Joint Support-Center for Data Science Research of the Research Organization of Information and Systems (ROIS).

PEDSC is responsible for data archiving and dissemination of all-sky camera observations, visual observations, other optical observations (such as TV and photometric observations), auroral image and particle observations from satellites, geomagnetic observations, and observations of upper atmosphere phenomena associated with aurora such as ULF, VLF and CNA activities.

This Data Catalogue summarizes the collection of data sets, data books, related publications and facilities available in the PEDSC as of December 2003. Data can be copied on requests and supplied at a cost of reproduction and handling. While copies can be sent by mail, visits to the PEDSC are further encouraged, since the Data Center can provide visitors with the convenient facilities for the data retrieval, acquisition and analyses.

Inquiry or order of data copies should be sent by mail, E-mail to :

           Polar Environment Data Science Center
           Joint Support-Center for Data Science Research
           Research Organization of Information and Systems
           National Institute of Polar Research
           10-3 Midori-chou, Tachikawa-shi
           Tokyo 190-8518, Japan
           E-mail: aurora(at)nipr.ac.jp

The Data Center is also opened for visitors via a computer network system. They can use available database and software under a necessary consultation. Requests for or inquiries about the available data by using the above E-mail address are also accepted.

When the data users publish scientific papers utilizing the data supplied from the Data Center, they are cordially recommended to write in their publications some acknowledgements for original data source. It is a great pleasure for the Data Center to receive 2 copies of publication from the data users, if possible.

Polar Environment Data Science Center 
Staffs : Dr. Akira Kadokura (Director)

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