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This is the sixth issue of the "Japanese Arctic Research Directoryh, our information bulletin with a complete listing of current Japanese field scientific activity in the Arctic, which was published by the Arctic Environment Research Center (AERC) of the National Institute of Polar Research (NIPR).

In April 2004, national universities made the first step towards the university cooperation.  At the same time, NIPR are also reborn to the Inter-University Research Institute cooperation of "Research Organization of Information and Systems". Universities and research institutes must correspond to Arctic environment of the global change with mutual cooperation. To promote active information exchange among these researches, we had started publishing the issue annually since 2000. Based on the questionnaires to potential contributors (>500), researches, which are planned in 2005 fiscal year, are listed in this bulletin. Your suggestions for improving the questionnaire are welcome.

Kazuyuki SHIRAISHI,  Chairman
Japan National Committee for Polar Research
Science Council of Japan

5th August, 2005

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Japanese Arctic Research Directory in 2005